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“The river has great wisdom and whispers its secrets to the hearts of men.”

– Mark Twain

Join us on our Cetina rafting in Croatia trip! Discover the fun of a rafting tour in a spectacular, beautiful, and unique natural setting. One way to escape the crowds is to go river rafting in Croatia. Rafting down the Cetina River near Split is a wonderful way to experience the unspoiled interior of the country just minutes away from the Adriatic coast. Along the coast, the rivers are flanked by green banks, especially the Cetina River. Croatia is a country that is rich in history, ideally placed in Europe, and is blessed with the most incredible nature.

Besides Cetina rafting in Croatia, some travelers may want to discover the fun and interesting history of Omiš. Omis has a large and turbulent history. The first traces of the city dates back to ancient times. The most famous is the Omis Pirates from the Middle Ages.

Cetina Rafting | River rafting in Croatia | CroActive Rafting Center

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The Croatian city of Split is an excellent destination for families with diverse interests, with lovely beaches, scenic parks, and historical sites. Due to its central location, Split will keep you at an arm’s reach from many Croatian hotspots, making this a fabulous base for exploration of the larger part of the country. As you move inland, you’ll find adventures and introspection in the fascinating mountains backing Split. From skyscraping peaks to the beautiful and barren Dalmatian karst and stunning gorges of the Cetina River, the adrenaline-ridden experiences here promise to get your blood going while the feeling of remoteness rejuvenates your soul. Experience the unspoiled countryside while rafting or kayaking down Croatian rivers. Discover Croatia!
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Cetina Rafting | River rafting in Croatia | CroActive Rafting Center