History And Culture

The centuries filled with foreign emperors and local kings, pirate raids from the sea and pillaging from conquering armies but also trade routes and knowledge exchange between the East and the West, together with rich maritime tradition left a rich historical and cultural heritage in Central Dalmatia. One that included three attractions listed at UNESCO World Heritage List. Enjoy your own journey as you discover them yourself.

Local Gastronomy

The unique cultural heritage of the Dalmatian region is reflected in its gasto scene as well. Naturally the bountiful harvest from the sea offers many delicacies to sample, but the mix of eastern and western influences is particularly worth exploring. Still, the main reason local food tastes so well is because it is mostly locally produced, from hundreds of small plots in the Dalmatian hinterland.

Dalmatian Beaches

Sheltered by the mountain ranges in the hinterland the Dalmatian coastline is dotted with some spectacular beaches. From long pebble ones in the shade of the pines trees to dozens of small sheltered coves and inlets hidden from the world.